New Innovative Cuts

Nearly one-half (43%) of consumers are willing to try new beef cuts or recipes; incorporate new cuts from the Chuck and the Round into your meat case to offer more steaks and roasts that are easy to prepare and often moderately priced.

The Beef Checkoff  has introduced 13 new beef cuts over the past 10 years, based on the innovative cutting techniques brought to light by the beef industry‘s Muscle Profiling Study.

These new cuts give shoppers more beef options for their favorite cooking methods, while helping meat processors, manufacturers, retailers, foodservice operators and cattle producers improve overall profitability.

All of the information you need to introduce these cuts is available through our Beef Innovations Group. Here you’ll find cutting videos and animations, yield data and cut specs and schematics.

Contact our Account Development Team to learn how to incorporate these new cuts in your meat case.

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