30 Day Protein Challenge Toolkit

Research shows there are advantages to consuming protein in balanced amounts at each meal. Today, Americans consume 2/3 of their total daily protein intake at dinner, meaning they aren't getting the full benefits of distributing protein throughout the day such as feeling satisfied after a protein-packed meal or snack, which helps cut down on mindless eating. Also, meals with high-quality protein help build muscle and reduce body fat.

We created the 30 Day Protein Challenge, a fun, step-by-step program, to help consumers get the optimal amount of protein throughout the day. Using the toolkit materials below, you can educate shoppers on the benefits of eating protein throughout the day and give them the tools to make their participation in the 30 Day Protein Challenge a success.

Here's how to get started:

1     Download and print the free toolkit materials below

2   Collaborate with meat department and store director to implement the toolkit in stores and online

3   Utilize the materials in stores and share with other retail staff to communicate about beef with shoppers

4   Watch your beef sales grow!
Check out these tools to help you get through the 30-Day Protein Challenge        Messages to share with shoppers for effective in-store demos of beef recipes        Ideas for social media posts to promote the Protein Challenge to shoppers online

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Download Talking Points for Demo Staff


Download Sample Social Posts

Review science-based resources to help you talk to shoppers about beef     Simple meal ideas to get 30 grams of protein at breakfast, lunch or dinner     Check out these FAQ to get answers about protein, beef and the Protein Challenge

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Don't have an RD on staff? This toolkit can be used by any store team members that interact with shoppers in store or online.

Contact us  to learn more about about this program, get the toolkit or to request the original design files to customize for your store.

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