Limiters of Beef Consumption

Shoppers rank beef’s flavor and enjoyment as the number one driver of consumption, but media reports often present them with arguments for limiting their beef in their diets. In May 2012, The Beef Checkoff conducted a survey to determine what concerns were keeping shoppers from purchasing more beef.  Here’s how retailers can take action to address the concerns that are limiting the amount of beef your shoppers are purchasing.



How the Beef Checkoff Can Help

Price Limiters

• High cost per pound of steak
• High cost per pound of ground beef

    Beef Alternative Merchandisingoffers high-quality beef cuts at a lower price per package and in the portion sizes shoppers want.
  Slice ‘n Savehelps consumers save by buying in bulk and portioning their own steaks and roasts.
  Download our free images & recipes to feature beef in weekly circulars, online and in stores to attract shoppers with any budget.
Nutrition Limiters

 • Perception that chicken and fish are healthier
• Belief that it is not healthy to eat beef every day
• Belief that other ground meats, such as turkey, are healthier than ground beef
    Empower on-staff Registered Dietitians with information on beef’s nutrition and role in a healthy, everyday diet.
    Dispel myths about beef using our handouts and research materials.
    Implement a comprehensive nutrition labeling program.
    Participate in the American Heart Association certification program to highlight certified beef with on-pack Heart-Check mark labels.
Preparation Limiters

• Lack of beef recipe ideas
• Confusion about beef cuts

Be a beef resource for shoppers.The Better Beef Sales and Beef Training Camp will build your meat counter staff’s beef expertise.

    Share our triple-tested recipes which use no more than six pantry-friendly ingredients and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.
    Promote popular consumer resources such as the Interactive Meat Case and Confident Cooking with Beef.
Quality and Safety Limiters

• Misconceptions about factory farms
• Misconceptions about treatment of cattle related to hormones and antibiotic usage
    Direct shoppers to to debunk myths about beef.
    Fact sheets on how cattle are raised are available at
    Contact your Account Development Manager or local State Beef Council to learn more about ranch tours and engaging with your local farmers and ranchers.


  • 3,048 consumers between the ages of 18-75 years – balanced demographically to meet the national norms for gender, age, ethnicity and region. Potential participants were excluded from the survey if they did not influence their household’s grocery shopping, meal preparation or selection of away-from-home food choices. The study was conducted as an online survey.

Source: All statistics and information are from the Limiters of Beef Consumption Study (May 2012), funded by The Beef Checkoff.

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