In-Home Beef Consumption

The Beef Checkoff worked with the NPD Research Group to understand consumers’ retail beef purchases and in-home beef consumption, and how and why different demographics consume beef. Here are the key take-aways for each demographic and opportunities to drive beef sales with these shoppers.

Beef Consumption by Demographic


Opportunities for Retailers


• Make up nearly half of all beef consumption
• Households with teens 13-17 are the heaviest beef consumers
• Prioritize convenience
• Stove-top cooking is the most popular beef preparation

    Implement Easy Fresh Cooking to provide busy parents with simple beef recipes right on the package
  Share our 3 Easy Steps cooking tips online and at the meat case
  Drive shoppers to check out our triple-tested recipes which use no more than six pantry-friendly ingredients and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.
Millennial Parents

• Often prepare one-pot dishes like skillets, casseroles, and soups
• Are interested in exploring new flavors but lack experience in the kitchen
• Focus on the health of the meals they serve their children
    Recommend mobile resources such as the Interactive Meat Case and to find recipes and tips for different beef cuts
    Cross-merchandise with complementary items like foil pans, pasta and seasonings
    Communicate beef’s protein and nutrients through point-of-sale
    Learn more about the Millennial Parent here

Males age 45-64

• Are focused on health
• Consumption of beef has declined in the past decade

Older individuals with no kids

• Make up nearly 40 percent of beef consumption
• Focus heavily on health


Stock the meat case with a variety of lean cuts and smaller portioned steak items

    Merchandise and promote beef cuts certified by the American Heart Association
    Use on-staff Registered Dietitians to share information on beef’s nutrition and role in a healthy, everyday diet.
Low to mid income singles, single parents and married active seniors

• Have been high consumers of beef over the past decade
• Are value-driven
• Often purchase ground beef;  frequently use it in casseroles, pasta dishes and burgers
    Include beef in weekly featuring activity. View our monthly sales & featuring summary reports to stay on top of meat industry trends and benchmark your meat department’s performance.
    Slice ‘n Savehelps consumers save by buying in bulk and portioning their own steaks and roasts.
    Sell ground beef in bulk and share tips on freezing and storing


  • Nationally-representative sample of 2,000 households representing ~5000 individuals who reported on 14-days continuous consumption for all meals and snacks consumed both at home and away from home.

Source: All statistics and information are from the Consumption Patterns of In-Home Beef Study, NPD Group, December 2012, funded by the Beef Checkoff Program

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