Nutrition Perceptions of Ground Beef

Do shoppers select ground beef based on leanness percentages?

One in five consumers don’t know what leanness percentage they choose. Millennials are the most likely to be unsure of what leanness level they purchase.

What is the most popular leanness percentage?

The vast majority of consumers purchase ground beef that is 80% or leaner.

Interestingly, between 12 to 16 percent of consumers think ground beef at all leanness levels are equal in calorie count and healthiness. This indicates an opportunity for in-store or on-pack education that could positively impact sales of lean ground beef.

Which of beef’s positive nutrition messages are most impactful to consumers?

When shoppers learn facts about ground beef’s nutrition, they’re more likely to purchase ground beef for home preparation. Over half of consumers noted they would probably or definitely purchase more ground beef if they knew about the underlying nutritional benefits of ground beef meals – some of the facts they would like to know include:

- Ground beef is an excellent source of protein
- Ground beef is a good source of iron
- Vitamins B6 and B12 in lean ground beef help maintain brain function
- The protein in ground beef helps preserve and build muscle

How do shoppers see ground beef’s nutrition in comparison with ground turkey?

Overall, shoppers are unsure of ground beef’s health benefits regarding protein and iron as compared with ground turkey. Further, most shoppers see turkey as a healthier option than ground beef for losing weight or maintaining a healthy diet.

There are ground beef options that are as low in fat as ground turkey. With 47% of consumers reporting that they’d buy more ground beef if they knew about these choices, retailers can leverage their lack of beef nutrition knowledge, educate shoppers and increase sales of lean ground beef.




Source: Ground Beef Answers, funded by the Beef Checkoff, March 2014.

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