Cooking and Eating Ground Beef At-Home

New market research sheds light on how consumers select their ground beef, from planning to purchase. Review these findings to better understand what your customers do with the product at home.

How do consumers cook hamburgers at home?

When making hamburgers, over half (57%) of consumers choose grilling (gas, charcoal or a grilling appliance such as a George Foreman grill) over other cooking methods.  Skillet frying follows grilling as the second most popular hamburger cooking method.

Confidence in Cooking Burgers:

• More than three-quarters of consumers are familiar with frying and grilling hamburgers.
• Confidence is highest for grilling over gas and frying on the stove top.
• While confidence is quite high, a third say they desire more knowledge.

How do consumers cook other ground beef meals at home?

For all other ground beef meals (including tacos, spaghetti, meatballs, meatloaf, etc), stovetop cooking methods are the overwhelmingly popular choice for at-home ground beef cooking.
Confidence in Cooking Ground Beef Meals (not burgers):

• Although nearly all consumers who cook ground beef meals are familiar with stove top cooking methods and are confident in their abilities with these methods, over 40% would like to learn more.
• Nearly half (48%) of all respondents are interested in learning more about crock pot cooking methods for beef.
• Few consumers are familiar with microwave cooking methods for beef, but interest in learning more is also low.

Do shoppers own and use meat thermometers?

Three in five shoppers own meat thermometers. They are most used for pork and chicken, but are rarely used for steak or hamburgers.

How do shoppers handle ground beef when they get it home?

Shoppers are divided on their behavior on how they handle ground beef after purchase. 44% leave it in the original packaging and 44% repackage into their own packaging, with the remainder doing a mix of original packaging and repackaging. 

Consumers are also divided on how they store their ground beef. The highest percentage of shoppers freeze most of their ground beef after purchase.



Source: Ground Beef Answers, funded by the Beef Checkoff, March 2014.

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