Albertson's Pilots Hispanic POS Elements, Increases Sales

Hispanic Toolkit Wins Effie Award

The beef checkoff-funded Hispanic POS Elements were the recipient of the 2008 Silver Level Effie Award from the American Marketing Association in the Hispanic category, acknowledging the elements' effectiveness in marketing to Hispanic consumers.

You too can reap the rewards from these award-winning promotional materials. For more information on the Hispanic POS Elements, including ordering information, click here.

This spring, an intercept study was conducted to test the performance of the newly developed, beef checkoff-funded Bilingual POS Elements at Albertson’s/Lucky stores. Store intercepts were carried out among Hispanic consumers at both test and control Albertson’s/Lucky stores in four markets: Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and El Centro. A Hispanic thin cuts beef section was created in the stores, and a variety of materials were used to promote the section, including a Dictionary of Beef Cuts, wall charts, railstrips and recipes. All materials were bilingual.

Customers selected the Dictionary of Beef Cuts over the other brochures offered, with 99% of them finding it "useful/informative". In El Centro and Las Vegas, 100% of customers who picked up the brochure said they were definitely going to keep it. Bilingual recipe labels were rated "excellent" by more than half of the respondents in all test stores. Eighteen percent of customers who noticed the recipe label said they purchased the beef cut because of it.

Significantly more respondents in test stores vs. control stores noticed the new signs at the beef section (30% vs. 13%). The majority of customers who noticed the new beef signs thought they were excellent (61%).

Customers were then asked to think back to six months ago and evaluate the meat department. Remembering how the department felt to them before the program was implemented, 34% of customers rated the meat department as "very good," while 40% rated it as "excellent". After program implementation, the test stores' meat department customer satisfaction rankings increased significantly. Approximately 51% of respondents in the test stores rated the meat department as "excellent," with 38% ranking the department as "very good." This was an 11% gain in "excellent" ranking.

The bilingual POS Elements also appear to have a positive impact on customer loyalty. Of the 107 respondents in the test stores who noticed changes, 83% said they were very likely to or had already recommended the store to a friend, an excellent gauge of customer loyalty. A little more than twice as many Hispanic shoppers in the test stores noted the program elements and moved up to a higher level of customer loyalty (“very likely to recommend”).


Very Likely to Recommend or Already Have

Test Stores


Control Stores


In most stores, more than 50% of respondents noted increased shopping frequency. According to data provided by Albertson’s, test stores achieved significant sales increases in the thin cut beef cuts preferred by Hispanics during the test period, with an average sales increase of 27%.

. According to data provided by Albertson’s, test stores achieved significant sales increases in the thin cut beef cuts preferred by Hispanics during the test period, with an .

Store personnel noted:

  • "The thin meat section is empty every day; we're definitely selling more."
  • "We had some customers who would normally not buy meat here."
  • "Some of the regular customers commented they bought cuts they had never tried before."

Store personnel and customers alike thought the dictionaries were the best part of the program, and personnel noted that the back wall sign (poster) helped to point out the different cuts to customers.

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